Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Susan Reimer: "this woman" is utterly unqualified

The Baltimore Sun columnist calls Palin "utterly unqualified" and writes of "this woman", Ms. Palin (Ok, so I added the Ms. Palin part):
Under the circumstances, the decision to choose this woman over the likes of, say, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson looks less like a stroke of genius than a stroke. It looks crazy. It looks wacky.

And that's the other part of this decision that is so infuriating.

If you are going to pick a woman for the sake of picking a woman, can you at least make it a credible choice?

Can you at least make a choice that doesn't give the gag writers for Jay Leno and Jon Stewart the month off?

(The jokes started immediately: She won't be able to hold her own against Joe Biden in a vice presidential debate. But wait until the swimsuit portion of the competition.)
Hmm, Susan, haven't heard that one before until YOU injected swimsuit jokes into a story about the second ever female VP nominee this country has ever had. Why isn't Palin credible for VP if Obama is credible for commander in chief? She has the executive experience and the record of reform.

Implicit in Riemer's column is the idea that the Palin pick is "insulting" and makes her sick because no women would support a woman with Palin's positions. When did Riemer decide that all women think alike? I didn't realize that every woman in the entire country aligns ideologically with one viewpoint, and must, or elevating such a woman to higher office is insulting, sickening, and a joke.

I didn't realize that if a woman doesn't adhere to one ideological viewpoint it makes her eminently - excuse me, I mean "utterly" - and sickeningly unqualified. Thanks for informing me of that, Susan.


Ron Ray said...

Actually, Reimer is dead right. No one would have called a Kay Hutchison or Christi Whitman unqualified. Palin is.

Obama? Let's see, serves on the senate foreign relations committee, negotiated to secure loose nukes, and was one of the few in either party who saw through the wmd lies.

Palin couldn't even discuss McCain's Iraq policy. she has simply not dealt with such issues.

the swimsuit competition line is out of line in a serious column, though. Although I did seriously hear one of her supporters say she could deal with Putin because she won Miss Congeniality.

Anonymous said...

Nasty creature this Riemer.

I really like this ... "She won't be able to hold her own against Joe Biden in a vice presidential debate."

I just watched Palin in a 2006 debate during the governor's race. She will destroy Biden. She does so well during a debate because she doesn't tiptoe around issues, ... especially abortion.

Ron Ray said...

anonymous, get a name and get realk. asked at her unveiling about mccain's iraq policy, she could not discuss it.

and sure, let her rail against a woman's right to control her own body. let her say government should have that control.

that'll win hillary supporters.

Anonymous said...

ron ray ... I really couldn't care less what you think. Anyone who thinks serving on Senate Committee's provides experience in leadership obviously is a) cluless b) can't be bothered to do research about Obama themselves or c)is very, very gullible.

"let her rail against a woman's right to control her own body. let her say government should have that control"

She can say exactly what she wants, where she stands and what her values are. That's what I want to hear ... not mindless pandering to people who want nothing more than a government handout anyway.

Anonymous said...

RonRay, I too am anonymous because it seems some of you advocate abortion later and later. Well..one can't be too careful.

I believe a woman should control her own body. But, a baby is not the woman's body, rather it is a different individual with different genetics. You are not your mother's body...which is convenient, since your name is Ron. But even if it were Ronda, still you would not be your mother's body. This is good news! She cannot come along at this late date and change her mind!

Anonymous said...

The Democrats need to rent "Legally Blonde". Do not underestimate this woman. "Elle Woods" syndrome? Sarah just bend and snap.

Karen said...

Susan Reimer, you are a disgrace to the female race. Sara Palin is a self-made woman. She did not rise to her position on the coat tails of her husband. How dare you critize someone who has worked hard, has made many executive decisions, raised a family, lived the American Dream. When women watched her on tv on Friday, they were all asking themselves, "If I could start all over again, I would be just like her. Where did I go wrong." I wish you would keep your demeaning opinions of self-made women to yourself. You do not think for me!

Amy said...

When did Riemer decide that all women think alike?

When she became a feminists. "Diversity" to liberals means everyone agrees with them - ideological diversity has no place among people who are so open minded their brains have fallen out.

Anonymous said...


Obama held assignments on the Senate Committees for Foreign Relations, Environment and Public Works and Veterans' Affairs through December 2006.[69] In January 2007, he left the Environment and Public Works committee and took additional assignments with Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.[70] He also became Chairman of the Senate's subcommittee on European Affairs.[71] As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama has made official trips to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.


Got her passport in 2007

C'mon! This isn't even a close call. This "experience" trap is like quicksand. The more you Republicans talk about it, the faster you die.

faye said...

This whole blog is really annoying. I wonder how many of these people looking for sexism are looking for racism and bigotry on the conservative blogs.....I like the double standard

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Kudos to whoever is running this site. As Hillary supporters we saw the unhinged loony Obama supporters come after her full throttle. Obama's "claws coming out", "periodically gets depressed" and "likeable enough" have him scrambling to secure the base, which he won't. Too many disaffected voters out there.

The sexism is there. The Reimers and the Maureen ODowds of the world cannot see another woman do better than themselves. Self-appointed muckrackers are all they will ever amount to be.

I may not agree with anything that Palin stands for, but chivalry is NOT dead. The R's need to come out for her. So step up guys, and ladies too. She's YOUR candidate. Fight for her!

Mike Timble said...

I LOVE anonymous' experience comparison. Because, let me guess, like every other left wing loon, you forgot Obama is not running against Palin, he's running against McCain! Duh! Comparing Palin to Obama is stupid as Obama is the Democrat candidate for PRESIDENT!!!

That being said, I would take Palin over Obama in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Obama is the chair on the Senate subcommittee for European affairs, but has yet to call a meeting. Isn't that like voting "present" in the Illinois state senate?

Palin has negotiated with the Canadians and Russians over fishing rights, has pushed through a new $40 billion gas pipeline that had floundered for decades, fought corruption on both sides of the aisle in Alaska, and is better equipped than any of the other candidates to speak to our energy future. She's a strong woman who doesn't vacillate like a typical Washington politician--that scares the establishment types.