Tuesday, September 16, 2008

P.J. Bednarsky: The anchorman/anchorwoman pairing

One other thing strikes me about the McCain-Palin ticket: It's the anchorman-anchorwoman formula, also a brilliant strategy, planned or not.

Think of all the newscasts that feature the avuncular old pro who's been at the station for years, teamed with the youthful, attractive female anchor.

He's the cranky, old salt who tells it like it is and jokes he can't figure out that that My Friendbook, let along work that damn newfangled fax machine. She’s the breath of fresh air who humors the old coot and draws in the women and younger demos. My intention, of course, is not to demean female anchors or older male anchors; the May-December anchor formula is well known. He teaches; she learns.

Article here.

Will Obama learn from Biden?

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