Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Philadelphia Weekly's Steven Wells: Palin is a "deranged dingbat"

The writer also casts Palin as a slithering snake:
...self–described rottweiler–with–lipstick and deranged dingbat GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin—... Within minutes of Palin’s pythonesque slither into the spotlight (kinda apt given that she thinks kids in schools should be taught that the story in the Bible where the talking snake–with–legs persuades Eve to eat a magic apple actually happened), the first ”My Hockey Mom Could Beat Up Your Soccer Mom” T–shirt appeared.
He adds:
This vast army of glammed–up, stilettoed–fuck–me–pump–wearing crazily right wing, not–very–bright, sexy librarian spec sporting super–MILFs would negate the worst aspects of natural selection through sheer willpower.


Jadis said...

Ha wanna bet this asshat thinks he's "enlightened"??

You're doing a great thing here. This Alaskan woman is applauding like mad!!!


you should check out the tshirt getting media attention in philly!

there's even a myspace page for it at myspace.com/sarahpalin_is_a_cunt.