Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New York magazine imagines a conversation between Palin and Kissinger

Actually, they imagine Kissinger as a dirty old man and Palin as a ditz. How sophisticated.

Oh, don't you worry about it for one minute. Everybody always thinks I'm a greeter at Wal-Mart — it's the combination of my glasses and spunk.

Palin: Oh, I thought I just explained. I'm not a concierge — I'm Sarah Palin, I'm the woman John McCain selected as his vice-presidential running mate.

Kissinger: Come closer for a moment. Has anyone ever told you that you look a little like a brunette Jill St. John?
Palin: Is she a real saint? I haven't heard of that one. But I am in full support of the war in Iraq, just like God!
Kissinger: [Softly] You know, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
Palin: I certainly don't think we should elect someone just because he is black, if that's what you mean.
Kissinger: Vat?

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John McCain Shirts said...

People wouldnt need to make stuff up if they let her talk! She could make stuff up on her own!