Sunday, September 21, 2008

Caly Pol professors: Palin's place is in the home... her kids are a disqualifying burden

Ralph E. Shaffer and Walter P. Coombs are professors emeritus at Cal Poly Pomona.


Sarah Palin belongs at home, not in Washington

They write:

But Palin knew full well when she succumbed to the lure of high office that she had personal, family matters that should disqualify her in the minds of family-value voters, the very people her party counts on for its base.

What is Palin's disqualifying burden?

If ever there was a valid argument that a mother should be home with her kids instead of playing politics, this is it. For starters, she has an infant with Down syndrome. What family-oriented mother would willingly choose the demanding and extremely busy life of vice president when faced with the needs of her own child?

No one is asking Palin to give up her career. She may very well be able to carry on as governor of Alaska. But the duties associated with that office in one of the least populated states hardly compares with the enormous responsibility of being vice president and only a heart beat away from the presidency. She doesn't need a job to support her family. She's not a single mother, and her husband earns good pay.

Were she the only woman in the country qualified for the job of vice president their might be justification for abandoning her duties at home, but that is not the case. McCain had several better qualified women who could have accepted the post without jeopardizing their children.


Helen said...

She has already proven her motherhood skills in having her first son plea-bargained into the army, and a pregnant teen daughter raised on abstinence ..... let someone else less self-absorbed watch the children.

Jadis said...

Sarah Palin belongs at home, not in Washington Can you imagine the howls of outrage if someone said this about Hillary?

Helen - sorry, but that's incorrect about her son. As for Bristol - she's certainly not the only 17-year-old girl in the world to get pregnant. A lot of them were exposed to birth control, too - so what do you make of that? (I'm an Alaskan, so I feel very comfortable in my knowledge of the Palin situation.)