Friday, September 19, 2008

Perky and spunky

Anthony Bonaparte, writing in the Suburban, a Quebec newspaper:
God-fearing-religiously-conservative-anti-abortion-mothers-of-knocked-up-17-year-old-daughters.Palin is effervescent, congenial, knows how to skin an animal, can chant “drill baby drill” with gusto and a perky smile, and she has spunk. I hate spunk.
And I hate words that make accomplished, mature women sound like little girls.


CT Bob said...

Lovely blog you have here.

Tell me, are you going to start a blog that examines the sexism with which Hillary Clinton has been treated for the last 18 years?

Or are you only defending women on a partisan basis?

Anonymous said...

Tell me, if you don't like the blog why you're even here? The bias crosses partisan lines. It's just that the Democrats are more openly aggressive and down-right demeaning in their discussion of Palin, so obviously they get more play. There were plenty of records of Hillary's sexism, check out the Hillary Forum for example. Not to mention, Hillary is no longer running for office, so what exactly would be the point?

CT Bob said...

Hey "Anonymous", stop hacking Sarah's email! LOL!

Anonymous said...


Forum moderator said...

CT Bob, I am writing about Palin on this blog, not Hillary, because she is currently in the race.

CT Bob said...

Moderator - so, since you're obviously such a staunch defender of women and not at all a partisan hack, would you please point me to your other blog where you surely defended Hillary Clinton against sexism eight months ago?

Sexism is ugly regardless of the party involved. However, if you only defend Republicans from sexist attacks, you are partisan and everyone sees it. Just admit that you didn't lift a finger to defend Clinton.

Jadis said...

ct, I can't speak for the moderator, but for me, Hillary betrayed women when she was instrumental in the "bimbo brigade" nonsense.

And so what if the admin is only defending Palin for partisan purposes? There are plenty of pro-Hillary sites out there.

CT Bob said...

Jadis, would you please refresh my memory? What exactly is the "bimbo brigade" you're referring to?

And it's obvious that this is a partisan blog; I was just messing with you folks a little. My blog is very partisan too, but I like to have a little fun with it.

Anonymous said...

"And I hate words that make accomplished, mature women sound like little girls."

I think that was the writer's point.