Thursday, September 4, 2008

Harry Reid: Palin speech was "shrill"

CNN reported that Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid released a statement calling Palin's speech last night "shrill." I heard the anchors speak about this last night. To their credit, they questioned whether a man would be referred to in such a term.

Expect a growing narrative, now that Palin is fulfilling the traditional role of VP as the attack dog for the top of the ticket, about her being too sarcastic, and, yes, shrill.

He might as well have called her a harpy. When's the last time a male was called "shrill"? I worry how many voters have a similar negative reaction to a tough, aggressive female.

(Note: Although the speech was good, I do want to point out that small town voters don't just want someone to identify with - they are looking for concrete plans to address their economic concerns. So far, I haven't heard either ticket really provide that, with the exception of promising tax cuts. Palin did a good job outlining her accomplishments last night, but one hopes that McCain satisfies the above-mentioned point tonight. That has nothing to do with sexism. It's just a thought that I had after watching the speech)


Horace said...

What I found interesting while flipping around to various news networks in the wake of the speech was how some of the Network reporters were passing off this particular criticism as thier own observations. I watched on FOX, and the first Obama camp reaction was along the lines of 'McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time ... blah blah blah ...'. No mention of her being to shrill or sarcastic. Next up was Candy Crawley on CNN about 10 minutes later, wondering how the electorate would react to a woman so publicly eviscerating a man in the way she did (Ummm ... Is Hilary not a woman? What exactly was she doing for the last 3 months of the primary season? Obviously, Crawley was regurgitating what she had been told by Obama supporters without thinking about how stupid she would look saying such a thing in the wake of Hillary's year long battle with Obama and other male candidates during the primaries). Then the CNN roundtable, led by Campbell Brown started in on it ...and I changed the channel back to fox where Laura Ingrahm was on with Greta. Ingraham indicated the first text message she got from someone connected to the Obama campaign complained Palin was too 'snide'. Now, I suppose its possible that they all sort of came to the same conclusion at the same time ... but really? To attack a VP candidate for eviscerating a man, or being to sarcastic, or snide all at roughly the same time (10-15 minutes after the conclusion of the speech) is just to pat for me. They're all in bed with each other, and sharing the talking points and message they feel like they have to get out.

Anonymous said...

We have slipped through the cultural looking-glass. Feminist groups are completely silent about the blatant sexism on display in the media's rape of Sarah Palin. Of course, it is all politically motivated. You are not a "real" woman unless you are a liberal-thinking woman. A new litmus test for gender-identity. Sexism refashioned for the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

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liberty said...

Oh my...

You would be hard pressed to find a television show or television commercial that isn't sexist toward men these days. Harry Reid uses the word "shrill" as being sexist. The word is uniquely feminine, I will give it that.

...but sexist? Not hardly.