Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Candy Neville: Bubbly, a looker, her only claims to fame

Claims Obama and McCain should apologize to every woman in the country for dissing Hillary and picking Palin. And she says that electing Palin would be putting her in a position she hasn't earned.

Every woman in the country? Guess what, Candy, every woman in the country doesn't agree with your sexist bile. Some of us want YOU to apologize to the rest of us.
Palin is not touted for her progressive stands. She holds uninformed and antiquated views. But she's a looker and she's bubbly and those qualities are her claim to fame. It's not a new role for women, and it's a well-worn path to success. If we allow bitterness and spite to rule and decide how we vote, Palin will become the first woman elected vice president and may well end up in the Oval Office.

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