Friday, September 5, 2008

Bonnie Fuller: Sarah Palin may very well be the worst mother in the world

The woman who was a top editor of a teen girl magazine and other prominent magazines writes on the Huffington Post that Palin is exploiting Bristol:

Is Sarah Palin ready to take the mantle of worst mother of the year from Lynne Spears? Has Todd Palin wrestled the title of worst father from Billy Ray Cyrus?

Sarah Palin may be running for Vice President but is she any different from the woman who sold the story of her daughter Jamie Lynn's pregnancy to a magazine for $1 million, or from the father that allowed 15-year-old Miley Cyrus to be photographed semi-nude for Vanity Fair supposedly to further her career?

This line of commentary, which is growing and thriving, is just mind-bogglingly nasty and sexist. And a LOT of it is being peddled by women who disagree with Palin's politics. #1, I will say it for the millionth time, this has nothing to do with Palin's ability to lead. #2, These are questions never posed to male politicians. #3 If Fuller and her pals in the media stopped using Bristol Palin to advance their own political agendas, she wouldn't be exploited, right?


RightWingNutter said...

I would move #3 to #1, but otherwise you nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Fuller..........what a pathetic remark. Whose kids don't make mistakes? Did you ever hear about the rebellion of the "preacher kid"? (which happens sometimes when there is a strong moral code in the family and something to rebel against)..... Just because Bristol chose wrong, that makes her mother a hypocrite and a bad mother? Just because they've chosen to go on with life and Bristol has held her head up and chosen to take responsibility for her actions that means Sarah is exploiting her? What insight into Bristol's home life could you possibly have? Remarks like yours are probably what would stress Bristol? I would venture Bristol is proud of her mother. You wouldn't have a clue.