Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ken Burns: In the entire history of the country, no one has ever had as thin of a credential

Speaking to a university panel, as recounted by Newsbusters:

"He (McCain) selected someone who is so supremely unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, and he has turned the selection process into a high school popularity contest and an 'American Idol' competition," Burns said. He said that McCain made a "cynical" pick in what he said was the most important decision of his presidential candidacy.

Burns, whose body of work has focused on American history, said that "in the whole history of the republic there has been no one with as thin as a credential" as Palin. He said it was, for McCain, a "Hail Mary pass" that will be decided in November.


Anonymous said...

How is this sexist?

Anonymous said...

One reason is because Ken Burns actually knows better. She shares the experience of 21 previous U.S. Presidents; she is a Governor. Beyond that she has 16 of governmental experience; 4 years of legislative, 10 years of executive, and 2 years of regulative.

Burns statement is a demonstratively false statement. For a guy who gave us the history of the Civil War, he must know her resume is thicker then either Presidents Lincoln or Grant.

Is it sexist or just ignorant. I am not sure. It is annoying that something so completely false keeps getting repeated. Because in this country repeated lies eventually become truism, this lie must be smacked down whenever it appears.

Is it sexist to devalue Governor Sarah Palin's experience? I suppose that depends on the speaker's intent.