Monday, September 1, 2008

Newsweek reporters and editors: Aren't Palin's priorities wrong because she's working?

Fred Thompson puts them straight.

The reporters and editors aren't peppering Joe Biden with questions about why he didn't stop working after his family's tragic car accident.

They aren't peppering Barack Obama and John McCain with questions about whether their priorities are out of whack because they aren't staying at home with the kids. Doesn't Mitt Romney have a bunch of kids? Did Newsweek editors and reporters question his priorities because he ran for public office?

Is this a question that has ever been asked about any politician other than Sarah Palin? Answer: No.

Newsweek excerpt here.

Pushed by NEWSWEEK's reporters and editors to say whether having a pregnant teenage daughter and five-month-old baby with Down syndrome at home will raise questions about Palin's "priorities," Thompson immediately questioned the questioners. "Would you be saying that about man running for office in her shoes?" he asked. "I really think you're going to be surprised at how average people--and especially women--who are not necessarily political one way or another identify with her. I see nothing in this that will hurt Sarah Palin politically. I mean, I get that it's a necessary part of the process to ask those questions. But we have to keep it fair. If we don't keep it fair, it will redound to her benefit." Judging by the reaction in the room--one female Newsweeker said she couldn't "believe that [our male reporters] were even asking this question"--I have a feeling he's right.

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