Monday, September 1, 2008

Rush Limbaugh: A babe and a housewife

The caller really tried talking about something other than Palin's looks, but Rush Limbaugh was interested in Palin being a babe and a housewife....
...Rush Limbaugh transcript:

CALLER: Yep. She's been heralded throughout the state as being personable, likable, intelligent, strong, and conservative. And she crosses over from conservative to liberalism not in thought, but because she stands by what she believes in. And, surprisingly enough, she has been at the forefront of ethics reform in our great state --

RUSH: Yeah, plus she's a housewife, before that, she's a babe. I saw a picture.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Well, it's undeniable.

CALLER: Well, it is undeniable, and that's why the paradox is there for me. I think that because she's intelligent, number one, conservative maybe number one also, but she is photogenic, she is likable, she is engaging. When you meet her, she is interested in you, she speaks well.

RUSH: By the way, wait a second. I'm not diminishing any of those things by pointing out that she's a babe.

CALLER: Oh, no, no, no.

RUSH: The babe is the icing on the cake aspect, something the Democrats can't claim on their side.


Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Wow, a 'babe' sexism there. Don't get me wrong. I sympathize, after all, the R's about to see what the sleazoids in Obamahohell did to Hillary Clinton.

I hope the right eviscerates the left jerks that go after her just because she's a woman

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I listened, I heard this and it did not come across as sexist in any way to me. Maybe it's because I have listened for years and understand more completely his attitudes about women and feminists.

If he were condescending to women, I wouldn't listen. Hey, I know when my intelligence has been insulted because it has been but not by Rush.