Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nicole Brodeur: Why would Palin want to be VP with all those kids?

The Seattle Times columnist says Sarah Palin was picked to "pretty" up the GOP.
Palin did the job she was picked to do. She not only prettied up the Republican Party, she reached a faction it has struggled to tap into: the blue-collar crowd who feel forgotten amid the suits.
That I get. One of the cardinal rules of parenting is to never judge how another does it. For Palin, though, I will make an exception.

Five kids. One of them a baby with special needs. Another with the special need of being 17, currently unmarried and pregnant. A son about to go to war, and two other daughters at home. The very thought brings me to my knees.

But Palin thinks she can do it, along with adjusting to the high altitude of the West Wing.

My panic over Palin isn't just that she's a gun-totin', book-bannin' abstinence-pusher.

My bigger worry is that, if elected, Palin will take on 300 million other charges — us. And not even Justice herself could finesse that balance.

Friends call me sexist: Tom Leykis in a bra and lipstick.

Why can't Palin help run the country while raising five children with a husband at home?

My question back: Why would she want to?

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