Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Edmonton Sun's Michael Coren

Another one for the bad mommy! files

The headline on this story is:

Mom's the Word:
Vice presidential nominee's priorities should be her young family

Mr. Coren- Barack Obama has a young family. Will you write a similar column about him?
Much as this woman is to be admired, we now have to ask how much time a champion of family has devoted to her own -- first as a mayor, then an active member of an ethics committee and then as governor of a state. She has been a full-time politician for some years now.

There are two mutually exclusive ambitions at work here. On the one hand she wants to be the vice-president of the most powerful country in the world. On the other she wants to be a good mother to a handicapped baby, a small child and a daughter who is to be a teenage mom. You cannot do both jobs properly.

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