Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stanley Crouch: Palin is a proxy male... more one of the boys than the boys

I think he means it as a compliment. I think she's just one tough, accomplished woman:
These are the kinds of things that make Palin more one of the boys than even most of the boys are. So while remaining the loving mother of five, Palin also has the credentials to be a proxy male who can go in the door of the men's club and not be sneered at unless one is willing to take her on in a target shooting contest.

She might be pretty enough for Rush Limbaugh to call "a babe"; she might shoot well enough to be nicknamed "Annie Oakley" and she may even have squeaky clean but gritty charm. But, when the sun goes down and nobody else is around, Sarah Palin kneels to and bows low before the language that can prepare the way to totalitarianism. Always a dangerous thing.

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Joe Blow said...

Um did I miss something or is that writer just fucking crazy?