Sunday, September 28, 2008

Myron Pitts: "Legally Brunette"... compares Palin's upcoming VP debate appearance to death penalty execution

The Fayetteville Observer columnist:

Legally Brunette: Palin Should Throw in the Towel, Before Debate

In 2006, the State of Alabama executed a convicted murderer in Huntsville. The man had to be dragged into the death chamber by the guards, after he said he would not participate in his own execution. As the lethal drugs began to take hold he muttered the fragment, “This is some nasty.”

I believe we will all be saying something similar some time on Thursday night if John McCain’s campaign allows Sarah Palin to get dismantled before 40+ million viewers on live TV....

That this Legally Brunette former TV anchor and model would back up a president who is 72 and has had four bouts of cancer is not lost on anyone who cares more for the country than for partisan politics.


Anonymous said...

Really a piece of trash article

julie said...

This is awesome. Great use of pop culture references and humor and is truthful.