Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McCain, stop protecting Sarah

I'm getting sick of the shielding of Sarah Palin by the McCain campaign. That's sexist in its own way. I understood it at first because the media were in a feeding frenzy. Why assist their efforts?

But, it's gone on too long. The tightening of debate rules, blocking of the press from the New York appearances with world leaders, the limited number of media interviews... I personally believe that Palin can handle it. So let her talk. If she can't handle it, then she doesn't belong in the race. Stop creating the perception that she can't handle it.

Frankly, this is also a political mistake. It just ratchets up the attention on each selective media appearance. True, that drives ratings. But it also creates additional pressure on Palin to not utter a single gaffe (of course, Biden is apparently no longer taking questions and has made a series of recent gaffes without getting called on them with equal intensity). It's also creating unbelievable pressure for her regarding the debate.

I say - let her talk. Let her do interviews. Let her do them a lot. Get her comfortable with the national media's style of questioning. Let her show her mettle. Over and over again. We know she's got it.

Just saying.


Coyote said...

I don't think it is about protecting Sarah, I think it is because attention on her is a commodity and it is being effectively managed. The campaign is avoiding the dangers of over-exposure, not because they are afraid she will make any gaffes - we know she won't, she is more than capable - but because they have an election to win and they want to remain in control. I think they are being very smart, tbh, especially with the media so set against her. It is a perfect foil.

John McCain Shirts said...

Sarah has yet to give a clear answer on anything that wasnt scripted. Her one answer on energy was abysmal. It was discombobulated and reversed positions about 3 times within a 20 second response.

Anonymous said...

Given the miserable coverage of the MSM, what makes you think she'll be dealt with fairly if she does more interviews?

CT Bob said...

"I say - let her talk. Let her do interviews. Let her do them a lot."

Yes, absolutely! Thank you! I'm glad somebody on the right finally had the guts to say this.