Saturday, September 6, 2008

Meghan Daum of the LA Times: Palin reminds her of movie murderer

I've noticed an increasing tendency for media commentators to reach for a movie actress/character comparison when trying to describe Sarah Palin - Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality (Maureen Dowd), Bette Davis's Eve Harrington (Jonathan Capehart), a cross between Erin Brockovich and Annie Oakley (Margaret Carlson)...

I don't recall that happening with any of the males in the race, at least not with as much regularity. Every movie comparison is not sexist per se. Some are pretty revealing in how people see Palin, though.

Palin is such a new female political archetype (I have heard the "frontier Margaret Thatcher" line, though) that writers are looking to other cultural venues to find a way to neatly peg and understand her.

But Nicole Kidman in To Die For? The ice-cold television temptress who is willing to destroy absolutely anything that gets in her way to satisfy her career ambitions - even by soliciting murder? Yeah, that one didn't pop in my mind when thinking about Sarah Palin.

As for Palin's speech, we all agreed it was "incredible," though they meant it as a compliment, whereas I was reminded of Nicole Kidman's role in the movie "To Die For," in which she plays an aspiring TV personality who murders her way to the top.


Anonymous said...

Meghan Daum says Palin reminds her of a movie murderer? tell!!! I think Meghan is just jealous. Sarah kept her speech going in a relaxed casual way in spite of teleprompter problems, she even told a joke with the great timing of a late night talk show host and skewered the other side in a light humorous way with a little smile and a twinkle in her eye. Poor poor Meghan. It's got to be that she's intimidated. Sarah IS someone that could intimidate because she's good at what she does. Not an excuse, Meghan for such a nasty remark. And it wasn't even lighthearted. Shame shame!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nicole Kidman delivered a very witty performance and should be complimented for her talents as a thespian.It was a cute dark-satirical comedy.The entire cast did a great job!Bravo!
As for Sarah Palin?She as well as the entire lobby of the religious right and conservative and neoconservative movements need to know that they are a corrupt gang of hypocrites.PAY YOUR TAXES!PAY YOUR STATE TAXES.
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