Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Campbell Brown: Why did Palin subject her daughter to this scrutiny?

Campbell Brown back to you: Why are you, the media, subjecting her daughter to this unprecedented scrutiny over a topic that has no relationship to Sarah Palin's ability to help lead the free world?

When did you decide that presidential and vice presidential children were no longer off limits?

The CNN anchor, Brown, even interrogated McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds about why Sarah Palin ran for vice president knowing her 17 year old daughter was pregnant.

On the video linked below, Brown says at one point,
"Tucker...putting this young woman, Bristol Palin, smack in the middle of the media spotlight at what's already got to be a very challenging time in her life... how do you respond to people who wonder why her mother would have subjected her to this kind of scrutiny by accepting this high-profile position."
Subtext: How dare she have a career!

Brown: "In an ideal world it would be private but, you know, this is a presidential campaign, nothing is private, the world is watching...as much as everyone might want to give this young girl her privacy, that's not going to happen.... so you do risk putting her through an incredibly difficult process, if you're her mother. You can't deny that, right?"

Well, sure. Maybe the Palins mistakenly assumed the media wouldn't engage in such an out-of-proportion feeding frenzy over the pregnancy of a vice presidential candidate's teenage daughter.

She practically says - how dare she run for public office! She does everything but call Palin a bad mother for running for vice president - and boy does she come close. That's the clear implication of her line of attack, anyway.

Did anyone pressure Campbell Brown to give up her time consuming network job when she was pregnant? See above picture. (no, nor should they). She should know better than this.

Watch the video here, and pay special attention to Brown's exasperated, angry facial expressions, and her refusal to address the issue posed in return by Bounds about Obama's experience.

Has Brown ever interrogated Obama's spokesman this aggressively and nastily about Obama's experience? (of course not). Has she ever interrogated any male politician about their decision to run for public office with kids at home? (of course not). Did she question John Edwards this aggressively after he continued his campaign when his wife announced her cancer was back? (obviously, no.) Granted, no VP has had a pregnant teen daughter before, as far as I know. But the tenor and tone here are way out of proportion. What's the relevance of this issue to the race? What's the relevance of this issue to Palin's ability to lead? There is none.

On the experience question, the difference, again, is that the media tend to paint Obama's inexperience as a Republican allegation. When it comes to Palin's "inexperience", they're the ones asking the questions as if they've already decided she's completely unqualified. If you don't believe me, just watch the above linked Campbell Brown interview from today.

Quick thought: Imagine that Al Gore, when he was initially running for VP, had a pregnant teenage daughter at the time. How much of a story would this have been? It would have been a story, surely, but probably not a very big one, and no one would have implied it was disqualifying.


Anonymous said...

"I created this blog to monitor, and round up, the sexist treatment given to Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin. This blog will focus on sexist reactions to the Palin nomination by the media and politicians. "

I have the feeling you will be very busy. The hypocrisy of the liberal media in the last 3 days has been stunning.

Good blog. Keep up the good work.

~ The Sisyphus Files

tommcmahon said...

Palindrone: The non-stop coverage by the MSM of Bristol Palin's pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask FDR whether he could be a good father when he had "so many kids" and Polio? No they did not because it didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now. By the way, Empress Maria Theresa had about 17 kids (one was Marie Antoinette) and she wasn't asked the question either.

Jadis said...

I find it astonishing (yeah, I'm naive as hell) that so many "feminists" are bleating about Palin accepting the nomination while having a Down's baby. If the RIGHT were to say the same thing about the left, they'd be howling with outrage.

I am a strong, opinionated woman but I have become so thoroughly disgusted with the feminist movement that I refuse to call myself one. Don't want the negative connotation.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask Joe Biden to forget about being a Senator because he had to raise two children after the tragic automobile accident in which he lost his wife?

Natasha said...

Speaking of double standards....

Ms. Campbell Brown & Jon Clown - as in Jon Klein - President of CNN, and the rest of the "24 hour media circus" had the audacity to question the fact that Palin's husband had a DUI, 22 years ago! But at the same time I did not once hear the above clowns grilling Obama about his "drug use" and other "extracurricular activities"!!!

Go Sarah Palin! Give some of these pathetic far-left-wing-liberals in the media the medicine that they deserve...Better yet, IGNORE THEM!

Like you said last night during your..."little flash news" gesture to the obnoxious media, "I am not going to Washington to seek your good opinion"!!!

C' est magnifique !!!!!!

Natasha said...

Quote: "I never in a million years thought I would be adding my own comments, but here goes it. First off, I am not committed to any presidential party as of yet, therefore, I am not partial to any one side. Second, I believe for the educated obvious reason, that those who congratulate Ms. Brown are those who undoubtedly do so on a partial basis. This, Ms. Brown/Tucker situation is not about the questions and the alleged unprepared response of the Republican party, and this is not about the Republicans "running from CNN." I watched the entire segment unfold and I was appalled. I kept thinking, out loud, as Ms. Brown kept hammering her questions in the interruptive fashion that she continued, "would you just shut up and let him talk." I was really wondering what CNN would be thinking of this disgrace, of Ms. Brown's hostility, of Ms. Brown's very personal agenda, of Ms. Brown's lack of professionalism and if that was not enough, of Ms. Brown's conclusive "baby" remark. Wow! Unprofessionalism at its best. Ms. Brown, this is very personal for you, isn't it? I have been noting your biased opinions for a long time. I just laughed at how miserable it must be to actually feel so jealous to the point that you literally lose control. I wonder, what got under your skin? This situation was intolerant and hostile, and I would say quite embarrassing. Your colleagues and station know this as well. I can see the "clean up" they are trying to do on your behalf in spite of the fact that John Klein "says" he supports you. John Klein; bad move not to acknowledge to the public a poor performing employee such as Ms. Brown. Anyway, have it your way Mr. Klein, things have a way of working out in the end. Although I am including an opinion, its really no skin off my back. I can only change what I have control over and I decide for starters to just tune you and yours out. You have had plenty of time to quell Ms. Brown, this situation is not a first, its just the "straw that broke the camels back." She has been disgusting for a long time. I hope, John Klein, you reprocess your priorities."

Posted by: Anita A. | September 05, 2008 at 02:14 PM


Natasha said...

Sarah Palin photoshopped...
The Sunday Times - London, UK

Sarah Palin in pictures and video

By Nico Hines

Photoshopped! A familiar refrain and a common tool for mocking the political elite - with Sarah Palin, however, it can be quite tricky to work out which of the pictures in circulation are real. (story continuous here)


Natasha said...

Quote - Joyce of NC wrote: Campbell Brown- Ditto the above. I'm so glad to see that someone else is saying the things I've been thinking. Some in the media are saying that Palin was "shrill" last night. Campbell Brown DEFINES the word "Shrill" and Soledad O'Brien defines the word "mean." They're both rude AND mean. Hafferty is disgusting. They are all a disgrace not only to journalism, but to themselves. I never watch their reports. I've been tuning in to them, though, over the past week to see what the other side is saying and knew I'd be sick about their lop-sided coverage of Sarah Palin. But then I took heart last night after Palin's speech. The liberal press was almost speechless. That was a real kick. I say - Go Sarah! Posted by Joyce of NC.

To Joyce of NC:

Joyce, you hit the nail on the head! Governor Palin gave the left-wing-liberal media the medicine that they needed! It was about time that someone - an accomplished and intelligent woman like Palin - replied in "kind" to the "24 hour tabloid news circus"! And, the best is yet to come!!

To the above list of utterly rude and mean spirited left-wing-liberal media clowns - Campbell Brown, Soledad O'Brien, Zack Hafferty led by Jon Klein = Clown president of CNN, I suggest that they enroll in a "Swiss finishing school" to brush up in good manners! Their disgusting behavior only shows their character and non-existent moral values.

It would be a great omission if to the above list we did not include another rude and obnoxious left-wing-liberal clown - Keith Olberman of MSNBC!! Keith Olberman defines the word "idiot"!

To all media clowns: Get used to it as the best is yet to come!!

Sarah Palin, tu est intelligent...tu est magnifique!!!

P.S. If anyone can think of any more names of media clowns please keep posting them...They all need to be exposed - once and for all. They did the same thing to Clinton - enough is enough - we will not just sit and watch "news for dummies" by clowns like all of the above!

Natasha said...

Sorry, I forgot to include the source in my previous comment.

Please note that the source to previous comment is:

US News & World Report
Ten Things You Didn't Know About Sarah Palin:


Natasha said...

Us Magazine Hit Hard by Canceling Subscribers After Palin Attack

By Warner Todd Huston
September 5, 2008 - 06:19 ET

Courtney Hazlett over at MSNBC's "The Scoop" is reporting that thousands of "Us Weekly" subscribers have not only called the magazine to cancel their subscriptions -- some reports say up to 10,000 cancellations have occurred -- but have also contacted advertisers and expressed their outrage that they are advertising with the celebrity news magazine that would so blatantly try to destroy Governor Palin.

Hazlett is hearing that the editorial board of "Us Weekly" had thought they pegged it right that media pressure and attacks would see Palin pulled from the McCain ticket even before her debut speech. Because the media had so quickly swarmed to destroy her, they thought she was toast before she even had the chance to accept the nomination.


Natasha said...

Let’s Take A Look At Campbell Brown’s Family

A few days ago, CNN anchor Campbell Brown went on a very personal attack against Republican Vice-Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds was giving Brown an interview, when she decided to place the focus of the conversation on the Governor’s 17-year old daughter Bristol, who is pregnant.

Brown said: “Tucker, though, this obviously putting this young woman, Bristol Palin smack in the media spotlight at what’s already got to be a very challenging time in her life. I mean, how do you respond to people who wonder why her mother would have subjected her to this scrutiny by accepting this high-profile position?”

Brown went on to say: “I recognize that in an ideal world, it would be private. You know, this is a presidential campaign. Nothing is private. The world is watching and if we, you know, as much as everyone might want to give this young woman her privacy, you know that’s not going to happen. And so you do risk putting her through an incredibly difficult process by accepting this job if you’re her mother. You can’t deny that, right?”

Well, this is obviously not an ideal world. Nor is it any longer a world in which the press gives legitimate, unbiased coverage to any and all candidates. This is in fact, now a world in which the press has decided to join the side of the leftist Democrat Party, and attack the Republican Party. Night after night, that same press ignores the fact that Barack Obama launched his political career at the home of unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers, while attacking the parenting skills of Sarah Palin.

Since CNN’s Campbell Brown has changed the rules of the game, and it is now evidently appropriate for the mainstream media to question a candidate’s parenting skills and focus on the behavior of the candidate’s family...Then it is also fair to examine the behavior of those related to those members of the press who pose such questions.

In 2003, CNN’s Campbell Brown’s father Jim Brown served six months in federal prison, after being convicted of lying to a federal agent, during a fraud and conspiracy investigation involving Cascade Insurance Co. At the time, Jim Brown was serving as the insurance commissioner of Louisiana, a position which he was forced to resign after the U.S. Supreme Court refused his appeal for the second time. Brown continued that position’s legacy, as the two previous insurance commissioners were convicted of taking bribes and illegal campaign contributions from insurance companies, and still sit in federal prison.

So I would pose this question to Campbell Brown: Since the world is watching you...Do you think it is fair to your father to place this kind of scrutiny on him, since he is a convicted federal criminal? I mean, I know that it has to be painful for him. So don’t you think that you should have ended your journalistic career after he was convicted and resigned in disgrace? You want to be a good daughter don’t you?

We are currently seeing the most illegitimate campaign coverage in U.S. political history. We have seen so-called journalists become nothing more than cheerleaders for the left, and press secretaries for Barack Hussein Obama. In fact, I believe that the Obama campaign should have to list the glowing coverage provided by MSNBC as an in-kind campaign contribution!

I as a true conservative, now find myself in the unusual and uncomfortable position of defending the Republican Party presidential nominee. However, when the left-wing ignores major issues, and so alters their coverage to paint the Democrat as basically the next messiah, and stoops so low as to attack a child...I have no choice.

If those who often cheer for our enemies and hate this nation so much that they would refuse to report the truth as it relates to the success of our troops, as well as to the more than questionable past of Barack Hussein Obama, no one who loves this country has any choice but to support Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.



CNN, John McCain's camp at odds following confrontational Campbell Brown interview


Natasha said...

Campbell Brown Suddenly Concerned Over 'Lack of Experience'


Natasha said...

Campbell Brown-CNN...Shsss baby!...Palin's daughter pregnancy is none of your business...BABY!!!

Campbell Brown of CNN is a disgrace to serious journalism.

Quote: "Jon Klein, president of CNN, has issued a statement in support of Brown's interview. "Campbell Brown did what journalists do," Klein said Tuesday evening. "She asked fair and important questions in a respectful way and was simply trying to get a straight answer to a straightforward question." Jon Klein, President CNN.

To Jon Klein, President of CNN:

I am not surprised with your idiotic statement. You have the audacity to call Campbell Brown's utterly rude behavior, "respectful"???!!! Either you think that we are stupid or you must be smoking something funny, or for that matter you yourself do not know the difference between "polite" and "rude" and the difference between "calm and collected" and "neurotic-psychotic" behavior.

Yes, Campbell Brown is a neurotic and rude anchor lady - this is not the first time she has been rude to her guests. Perhaps Mr. Klein=clown you were better off having done your own homework in "VETTING" Ms. Campbell Brown. She is a disgrace to serious journalism together with Mr. Hafferty!

With the exception of a few anchors and correspondents, whom I have always respected (and who keep you still in business) such as Wolf Blitzer, John King, Christian Amanpour, Candy Crawly, etc. the rest of your "pretty faces" are "knuckle heads" who - I repeat - are a disgrace to serious journalism.

I prefer to remember the good old CNN that you have destroyed, Sir.

No wonder why - for example - BBC World News and BBC America are increasingly more and more in demand by American households. The fact that most satellite services and cable operators offer BBC World News instead of CNN International - offered only to 6 million households in the US a country the population of which is 300 million should tell you something Sir - that more viewers prefer BBC over CNN!!

I am very glad that the McCain campaign pulled the McCain interview from the Larry King Show at CNN. I am also very happy that the McCain campaign has informed the CNN circus network that they will no longer answer any questions by your staff concerning Governor Palin's private family life or any questions by you regarding her vetting, which in the final analysis is none of your business. Senator McCain and Governor Palin are doing the right thing to ignore you CNN! They are not going to allow you to treat Governor Palin the same way you treated Senator Hillary Clinton during her campaign. Alleluia, it is about time somebody has the guts to tell you off CNN! Thank you McCain campaign and Sarah Palin!

In the mean-time, I suggest that you put Ms. Campbell Brown on some tranquilizers or better yet - FIRE HER!!

Shame on Campbell Brown and Jon Klein's=Clown CNN! Leadership starts at the top! And, your top advertisers are taking notice CNN, trust me!

Anonymous said...

Campbell Brown........Palin did not subject her daughter to scrutiny. She just brought her family to a political event. If Bristol was embarrassed, that is because Bristol felt uncomfortable with the results of her choices....not her mother's choices. Bristol is a heartbeat away from being an adult. She is Sarah's daughter so I suspect she is no little easily intimidated person either. Get a life and leave Sarah alone. What a silly remark!!! I have never gone onto blog sites in my life, but when I was sent this site and saw some of the totally asinine remarks being made about Sarah Palin, well, I can't help but respond. Your remark says more about you than it does about either Sarah or Bristol who did just fine under YOUR scrutiny, thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Answer the questions, Sarah. Just um, well....actually act like a Vice Presidential candidate and stop letting the party manhandle you. I dunno, maybe talk with the 24 hour media circus/left wing east coast media and stop all the damn sexism. You want to be in the game, then get in it. Enough already. And shame on you all for this bullshit banter. Let's talk substance and instead of focusing on her eyeglasses and hairdo. Free yourself, Sarah and let's go to it.


Hadassa G said...

I believe the "sexist" treatment that Sarah Palin is getting is related to the hypocrisy of the shenanigans of "The Family Values Republicans" The daughter's pregnancy would indeed be nobody's business if Sarah herself wasn't pushing abstinence only education and no tax money to help pregnant teens. Since these types of beliefs are essential to Palin's political persona, they are fair game.

Anonymous said...

I highly commend you. Palin has been held to a standard different than that of the other candidates and much harsher. While Biden enjoys a semi-cake walk and Obama just skips to ma loo, Palin is being raked over the coals.

I am further appalled by the fact that 100 years ago our great grandmothers, great aunts, etc. fought to stop such vile and ugly behavior from men and other women. For some reason, our gains are very few and worse, I get the feeling that we are going backward instead of forward.

This year has been a rude awakening and equally disheartening.