Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Elizabeth Snead: Let me know if you find a nude shot!

Yeah, I get it. She's got a sarcastic sense of humor (hey, so does Palin as we learned tonight, which is great!). You've gotta roll with some of it, and give people the license to use irony. Adhering to strict political correctness is a bore. But still.... Elizabeth Snead of the LA Times' Dish Rag blog has really been pushing it full speed ahead. Why do female commentators think they can traffic in the most outrageous sexist stereotypes with impunity? I guess because they can. Maybe the female punditry class could use some ideological diversity, especially in the traditional print media, so at least the satirical humor flows both ways.

Tonight, she equated the Palin family to the "entire Spears' clan" and added for good measure:
By the way, the Web is reportedly burning up with searches for bikini and nude photos of Palin. Let us know if you find any! And no, Julia Louis-Dreyfus nude doesn't count!

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lodestar said...

Such a one way street for Palin supporters. O'Reilly lambastes Spears and her parents, gives a respectful pass to Palin...Palin calls Hillary 'whiney' for complaining about sexism...and here we are with a Palin Sexism Watch blog.

It's too bad that the electorate get their information from such propaganda sources...I believe it won't fly.