Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can we knock off the librarian/sex jokes, already?


And even sicker.

Getting close to abusive.

When attempted humor is no longer funny.


Anonymous said...

You want to talk about sexism, maybe you should look to McCain FIRST. When he can look beyond the gender of his own VP candidate, maybe the rest of the world will too.
For every argument about how she's ready to stand up to Washington politics, there's a counter-argument about how she's used earmarks or even hired lobbyists (which McCain has decried). When you boil down all of the evidence, the only ground you have to stand on is that McCain chose her because 1) her ideology appeals to the Republican base and 2) she has a pair of tits to replace Hillary's. Disagree? That's a shame, because McCain doesn't:

Crescendo said...

Anon: McCain's own sexism or lack thereof, whatever your opinion on it, does not give anybody else the excuse to be a sexist scumbag. So shove it.

It is sick.