Sunday, September 7, 2008

Susan Demas: Palin is a new and improved Stepford Wife model

But on Wednesday at the Republican National Convention, they replaced her with a new and improved Stepford Wife model to spew venom at that un-American Obama who looks down on the bitter folk.
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The Michigan columnist, in her utterly ridiculous column, also calls Palin an "utterly ridiculous pick", continuing the trend, especially by female opinion-makers, of holding Palin to a different standard for experience than the male at the top of the other ticket.


Susan J. Demas said...

No, actually I compare her experience point by point to Barack Obama, who is male. As a feminist, I am amused by your site. I'm also amused that the Palin folks are so consternated by my column that they forwarded it to folks asking them to flood me with outrage.

Guess I hit a nerve.

Susan J. Demas said...

By the way, how in the world do you have time for this many posts? Seems like something only a crew of campaign staff or volunteers could do. I'm sorry. Was that sexist?

mjl said...

Read your column, Susan. Apparently in your world serving in the Illinois Senate and doing nothing of note (except voting present to leave no embarrassing trail), followed by four years in the U.S. Senate, also doing nothing but run for President (why hasn't his Subcommittee on Europe ever met, hmmmm?) trumps actually governing a state. Sarah Palin makes Obama look like the pale imitation of a leader that he really is.

Sorry, your calculus stinks.