Monday, September 1, 2008

Alan Colmes: Did Palin Take Proper Prenatal Care?

Fox News' Alan Colmes thinks it's relevant to question Sarah Palin's "judgment" by assessing her prenatal care. He questions why she didn't go to the hospital right away after her water broke with her fifth child.

Does anyone else think there's something a little creepy about male pundits obsessing about a woman's prenatal care and pregnancies? How is this a relevant issue in the presidential election?

Colmes took down his original blog posting but has provided a screen capture here.


Anonymous said...

Viewers have to put up with Colmes whiner comments in order to hear what Hannity has to say? Comments about a child in Sarah's family....suggesting that she is perhaps responsible for him being a Down's Syndrome baby is "beyond the pale" but typical of Colmes. It is not only rude but is actually cruel. Lay off, Colmes. You're having to stretch pretty far to say a comment as inappropriate as that!!!

Mark Butler said...

Colmes...what a loser. Where is he now? He'll have a 4 a.m. slot on Air America and will go down in history as a nobody.

It's so typical for scumbags like Colmes to rip on a mother (a married one at that) of five and pat a domestic terrorist like Bill Ayers on the back.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.