Sunday, September 28, 2008

VP "Fashion faceoff"

Nope, not in Cosmo or Vogue.
ABC News:
ABC News' Matt Jaffe and Sunlen Miller report: When Joe Biden and Sarah Palin square off Thursday in the vice-presidential debate in St. Louis, their much-anticipated confrontation might now be considered a cosmetic competition. So what if Republican presidential nominee John McCain chose a former beauty queen to share his ticket? Democratic candidate Barack Obama thinks he's got the best-dressed running mate around.
Ridiculous. McCain also chose a former governor... can we talk about that?

And Fox News...
The Washington Post refers to her style as "unassertive". Is that because it's feminine? Yes, these paragraphs actually appeared in the WASHINGTON POST:

Palin seems to dress for pretty rather than powerful. She is willing to be sexual, with the occasional fitted jacket and high heels. She wears dangly earrings. Campaign photographers can't seem to resist shooting her legs, as if they've never seen an American female politician with bare gams wearing three-inch heels. (Then again, they probably haven't.)

She talks tough. She doesn't blink. She speaks of "guys and gals." What is a gal? One thinks of a waitress in a bar who knows that if she pretends she doesn't notice when a guy's ogling her legs and gives as good as she gets when it comes to off-color jokes, life will go along more smoothly. She's not one of the guys, but she doesn't confront them with either a lawyer or rhetoric from a women's studies seminar.

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