Friday, September 19, 2008

Voters are going cold on the hottie

Writes Julie Baird in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Sometimes the bumper stickers say it all. "Our VP is hotter than yours". "Sarah Palin - God, Guns, Guts. Kickin' butt. Takin' names". "McCain and Palin: a Hero and a Hottie". "Barbies for War" and "Girls just wanna have guns".

The standout is the delightful and direct slogan, "VPILF" (vice-president I'd like to f---).

Which is well and good if you are single and your dating pool consists only of vice-presidential candidates. But for the rest of us the question we'd ask of a VP candidate is less likely to be "are you lonesome tonight?" and more likely to be "what are you going to do about this flailing economy? Iraq? Pakistan? Afghanistan? The health system?"

And this is why Sarah Palin's dazzling star is finally starting to fade. Only slightly, but significantly enough to turn down the volume of the Republican cheer squad who have hailed her as the saviour of their political hopes.

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