Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The question Campbell Brown would never ask

President Clinton, why did you put your daughter through all of this scrutiny by having oral sex in the Oval Office with a young intern around her age and then refusing to resign?


Ron Ray said...

and the question america asked:

"why is the prez' sex life our business?"

america answered: it isn't. which is why clinton survived.

Anonymous said...

Good point - which is why the sex life of the DAUGHTER of a VP nominee is even less of our business!!!

Ron Ray said...

exactly. of course, even more out of line are the jokes told by Limbaugh and McCain about Chelsea Clinton's looks. but I digress.

truth is, it is not sexism or democrats or liberals driving this story, but the incredible gossips we've all become. politicians have been treated like celebrities for quite some time now, and that means everything is fair game.

historically, from Jefferson on down, this stuff has always been circulated.

Ameryx said...

This strikes me as the media taking a self-damning position: how could Sarah Palin be so irresponsible as to expose Bristol to the likes of us? She should have known that we would be unable to stop ourselves from savaging a child.