Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Campbell defends herself - dishonestly

Tonight, CNN announced that John McCain had pulled out of a Larry King interview on that network because of the Campbell Brown "interview." (see earlier posts). Wolf Blitzer stated that he did not think Brown had crossed the line, and Brown defended herself, saying she was just asking tough questions. Then, CNN aired a portion of the interview.

Key word: Portion.

In completely dishonest fashion, the network only reran the portion of the interview in which Brown had interrogated McCain's spokesman about Palin's experience. Now, that part of the interview is also obnoxious (she continually interrupts the spokesman, for example, and her contemptuous facial expressions are priceless). However, this selective rerun gave viewers the wrong impression that the McCain camp was just a little oversensitive about questions relating to Palin's experience.

The really offensive part of the Brown interview - exorcised from tonight's discussion completely on CNN - was the portion in which she pressed McCain's spokesman to answer whether Palin should be running for VP with a pregnant daughter.

Campbell Brown needs to answer why this question was relevant or fair.


Elise said...

Thank you for pointing this out. I haven't seen any other blogger make this point but a couple of commenters on The Anchoress and The Corner have.

Here's a link to the entire transcript (I cannot find a video of the whole thing):

CNN Transcript

Potato Head said...

It's so funny when wingnuts suddenly discover sexism. This usually happens at certain opportune times (like when some sleaze like Paula Jones is fronting for a perjury trap). Here's what life in wingnut land is like the rest of the time: "Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly? Because Janet Reno's the father." That's your candidate John McCain, philanderer extraordinare, who also called his own wife a "cunt" in public and suggested she enter a wet t-shirt contest at a recent NASCAR race.

And now we're whining because Campbell Brown asked about the propriety of using an unwed teenage daughter as a political prop?

You always keep it so classy, guys. There really is no bottom to your hypocrisy.