Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh, the difference a few days makes

The utterly unqualified Sarah becomes a "skillful politician" in just a couple days.

One person taking Sarah Palin seriously? Barack Obama.
Calling Palin “a skillful politician,” Obama charged the Alaska governor with taking earmarks “when it is convenient” but decrying them now that she is headlining McCain’s agenda.
Obama, to his credit, has not engaged in the sexism game. One reader challenged me to point out criticism of Palin that is not sexism. I think this article counts. That doesn't mean that I agree with what Obama is saying. It means that all criticism of Palin is not sexist. She can obviously take it. I sense the debate is moving back onto the "issues" plane now that Palin made it through the media hazing. I hope anyway.


aroramax said...

What issues? Palin can't discuss the issues with a Bush speechwriter.

Obama would never engage in this sexism game you are talking about.

Palin doesn't seem to have an answer for the pumped community organizers who have made Get Out the Vote efforts for Barack and Hillary a success for the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Here are Plagiarist Biden stories:

Remember again: The Press is not going to cover the mistakes or weaknesses of the Gov.'s opponents. It is not their mission. Thus, sites such as you, have to essentially do the work to get the word out to the voters. There is no way out here. Popular bloggers such as Andy ( will never mention any weakness of her opponents. It is against their religion. I wish you well.

PS: I cannot vote. I am just wanting to see the election be close and fair. I do not want to see the Press determine the results.