Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is Sarah Palin an addiction?

This isn't sexist. It's just humorous. I'm hardly one to talk. After all, I am the author of this blog. It's just enormously refreshing to see a female conservative in politics making these waves. Funny blog post:

Help! I'm Obsessed with Sarah Palin!!

By Mo Rocca
Sep 6th 2008 8:00PM
It's been only a week and I've already earned a degree in Palintology. I know way too much about this woman: her education, her eyewear, the origin of her children's names, her religion, her ex-brother-in-law, the number of broken bones she's sustained. Did you know that Sarah plays the flute? And that her husband Todd braids 7-year old Piper's hair?

I just watched Greta Van Susteren's hour-long special on Sarah and am waiting for CNN's. Does anyone know which digital cable package includes the Sarah Palin Channel?

Obviously I'm not alone. The web is burning up with amateur Palintologists searching for artifacts that will shed light on this woman -- authentic pieces of information that will flesh out this authentic iconoclast. (Whoever she is, she's unlike anyone else we've seen in American politics.)


Anonymous said...

Why can King Obama be a President with young children but Gov. Palin cannot be a VP with young children?

Is there a different standard for a King (male) and for a Gov. (female)?

Why is one VP (male) not asked about his young children decades before he became a senator, but one VP (female) is asked constantly?

Why are there different standards?

What if the Gov was a democrat and the Sen. was a GOP?

What would be the press focus today?

Can we be critical examiners?

Carlos Echevarria said...

Hey, I got my degree a while ago, around April, LOL

But I know what you are going through buddy, check out my blog and enjoy!!!

I LOVE AND ADORE Sarah Louise Heath Palin, I am addicted to her, too, and I am proud to say it...can't get enough of her!!!

Did you see the Fox Special last night??? Great is really defending her. (her Clintonista husband Coales is on board with us against Barry)