Saturday, September 6, 2008

Searching for Sarah

Oh, how fast things change in politics. 2 months ago could you ever have imagined the Republican VP choice would be an Internet sensation, with one of the top searches for the candidate being the word "hot"? I find that pretty amusing, actually. Time magazine reports:

Of the 1,323 unique search queries containing "Sarah Palin" over the past four weeks, there were many that you'd normally expect to see regarding a newly named vice-presidential candidate: queries about Palin's biography, for example, her voting record and her stance on abortion. The No. 1 search was simply "Sarah Palin." The next nine most popular search terms that appeared in conjunction with "Sarah Palin" were:

2. Vogue Magazine
3. Photos
4. Beauty Pageant
5. Bio
6. Biography
7. Pictures
8. Scandal
9. Alaska Governor
10. Hot

Other queries common to the American public: "Sarah Palin Bikini Photos," "Sarah Palin Naked," "Sarah Palin Nude."

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if you would have a thread (series of posts) on her work/service. This may help your cause.

For example, she left govt. once to fight corruption in her own party before returning to govt. That showed couraged. Has her opponents ever done that (Obama or Biden)?

Also, the press is not going to focus on Biden (e.g., his stealing of ideas/words during his campaign - see for several wonderful recent essays burying Biden, which where not picked up by press).

Thus, you could also use your site as a way to zero in on the opponents. Think about it, as no one else is doing that.