Friday, September 12, 2008

Why McCain can't send emails

Hot Air explains: His war injuries prevent him from typing with ease on a keyboard.

Will Obama be asked to explain his McCain-can't-email-ad with as much frequency as Palin's being pressed on the Bridge to Nowhere and McCain's being accused of going unfairly negative?


Anonymous said...

No one can touch King Obama and his VP (former cheater) Biden.

The press wants to them to win.

There is not much you can do. Not much. The election is over. Visit to get the idea of how big trashing the King will give to McCain.

Once Oct. arrives, you will see an increasing comments on Gov. Palin (from white trash to beauty queen to nobody). One thing these stories will not cover is that she was elected mayor or gov. etc.

Thus, you are wasting your time. Close your website and save money.

Long Live the King (Obama)

Louise said...

I wish to express my support to the goals of your blog. As a woman scientist who has been subject to similiar sexism, I can only sympathise with Sarah.