Friday, September 5, 2008

Hillary refuses pressure to go after Palin in sexist fashion

Once again, Hillary Clinton refuses to take the bait and won't attack Sarah Palin on trivial or sexist grounds. She puts out a statement criticizing the policy positions of the McCain-Palin ticket, which is certainly her right and is not sexist in the least.

In so doing, she makes the case for how strong criticism can stay in the bounds of gender fairness. Some in the media have tried to advance the silly argument that those concerned about sexist reactions to Palin's candidacy don't want her to be asked tough questions. Not true. Ask her tough questions, but keep it squarely on the issues, not her motherhood and pregnancies.

Clinton has been exceptionally quiet since the selection of just the second female vice presidential nominee in history. With some of her supporters anxiously hoping Clinton will step up to push Palin back, she is scheduled to make stops in central Florida on Monday on Sen. Barack Obama's behalf. But the trip is not, according to people in both camps, designed as a direct response to Palin. An Obama aide said the trip was "in the works for weeks" and two Clinton advisers said she will continue to focus on issues, such as the economy.

If Clinton does elaborate on her Palin remarks -- either this weekend, when she also has public appearances, or on Monday -- it will be to make a larger point about McCain, not to burrow down into a debate over feminism, sexism or women in politics, advisers said.

In other words, she's not willing to be used to frivolously go after another woman.

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