Friday, September 5, 2008

Biden: Thinks some coverage of Palin has been sexist

Obama? Not so much. A reporter might ask Sen. Obama why he doesn't think the examples that Sen. Biden cited are clearly out of bounds.
Obama and Biden were not entirely on the same page on Palin on Thursday. Speaking to reporters in York, Obama waved off a question about whether media coverage of her has been sexist. "If they want to work the refs, they are free to do so," he said of GOP supporters who have made the allegation....

But he (Biden) said some coverage of Palin has been out of bounds, particularly questions about her ability to raise five children, including an infant with Down syndrome, while barnstorming the country as a vice presidential candidate. "Whoever these folks are don't know any strong women," said Biden, who will debate Palin on Oct. 2 in St. Louis. "Some of the stuff said has been over the top, totally unfair, and I think it has been sexist."

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Stevie Nichts said...

You might note that many of these blatantly sexist comments take her to task for "raising five children". They seem to neither know, nor care, that the eldest child - Track Palin - is 19 years old, fer chrissake, and enlisted in the US Army.

Bristol is 17 - still technically a minor, but it's hardly necessary for her mother to fuss over her as though she was an infant.

And that's another disgusting thing happening here: the infantalization of the Palin children for partisan political purposes.

But, of course, what really stands out is the sheer hypocrisy of self-styled 'feminists' who are, for all intents and purposes, arguing that Sarah Palin should kick off her shoes and head back into the kitchen.