Monday, September 8, 2008

"Sarah Palin. You gossip about that. You don't elect it to vice-president."

This blog does not round up all of the sexist filth on smaller citizen blogs all over the country. There's simply too much of it. Rather, this blog focuses on sexist comments made about Palin by mainstream media reporters and pundits. However, it will include comments made by/furthered by some of the bloggers who have a large national audience or are taken seriously by political candidates (like Daily Kos).

Which brings me to Andrew Sullivan. On his weblog, he gives credibility to a blog that makes the following commentary. Sullivan does so in a post in which he doesn't even point out the sexism but instead links to the blogger as if he should be taken seriously on the topic of Sarah Palin. I think that's pretty pathetic.

Sarah Palin. Really?

Normally, I'm all for book-burning middle-aged women who celebrate their 17-year-old daughters' decision to have children and marry the guys who, in some states, would be considered statutory rapists.

I think such women should be allowed to attend bake sales and live down the street from me, where I could whisper about them and their screwed-up morals. That's the America I know and love.

Call me insane, but I don't think this person should be allowed to run the country. And let's face it, if McCain wins, that's not a complete hypothetical.

Oh, and don't even get me started on how "the 'liberal' media is attacking Sarah Palin's personal life." And don't tell me her personal life should be off-limits in the first place. Because it seems only the embarrassing aspects of her life are off limits. And nothing was ever off limits for the Clintons.

Sarah Palin. You gossip about that. You don't elect it to vice-president.


Anonymous said...

I watch the fat bloviator on MSNBC (Keith Olbermann) take on Gov. Palin constantly today. His follow-up, another psuedo intellectual Maddow also took on Gov.

It is going to be interesting. I still say that King Obama will win. The Press wants him to win.

Too bad the Press is not focusing on the King's lack of accomplishments and the stealing of words by his VP Biden.

Anonymous said...

Andy is the most invested blogger on the King Obama's candidacy. His cover page the Atlantic article is his ticket to immortality. The King has to win in order for Andy to make it as an immortal blogger. Thus, he cannot or is unable to not lie or make up stuff about Gov. or the Sen. (Palin or McCain). To wit: Andy has said that McCain has not had courage to cross the line or stand up to Bush or GOP. Can you believe this? The King has done all. Where is the Proof? But, Andy is part of the Liberal/Hollywood crowd. So, he gets a pass.

Now, imagine, the King as GOP and McCain (American Hero) as Democrat?

Would Andy do what he is doing? If he is doing, then would he get a free pass on his biases?