Monday, September 8, 2008

Barbara Lippert: Bristol pregnancy announcement a "staggering stunt"

The Adweek columnist:
In the same vein, the proud announcement of her 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy is a staggering stunt: Kudos rained down on the family for her daughter's choice to marry and bring a new young life into the world.
And more on the Palin is-a-bad-mother-because-she-wants-to-have-a-career-bandwagon:
As a mother, I have to admit that I feel for Bristol, and can't imagine how she can be happy about being plunged onto the national stage during her pregnancy (although standing on stage with her visible bump, next to the future father, she was beaming).

Honestly, I would have considered her needs, and the needs of my Down-syndrome baby, and probably begged off the vp slot. Is that sexist? By accepting the nod, and necessarily parading her family on stage, she makes them all fair game for the press. Can they expect to have it both ways?
Yeah, right. This media argument is priceless; Palin's somehow to blame for the media's OWN exploitation of her daughter and family for political purposes. Since the media are going to exploit Bristol, Palin is thus supposedly wrong to have a career. What great logic. (sarcasm).

Plus, Lippert furthers the falsehood that Palin is against sex education. (See here). Don't hold your breath on the correction.

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