Sunday, September 7, 2008

The New York Times: Invading Sarah's privacy

The New York Times' runs a 1,906-word article reconstructing Sarah Palin's pregancy with Trig.

She refused to comment for the story, but I am sure someone will still say this is fair game because she's said she's a mother in her biography and campaign (note to the media: You're the ones trying to make Palin's motherhood the central theme of your coverage of her).

In the Times' story, we learn all about Palin's leaking amniotic fluid, and they even called her personal physician for comment about the pregnancy, who refused to comment. We get to read the contents of her personal emails about the pregnancy and baby.

Pathetic. Would someone please tell me how Palin's pregnancy is relevant to the presidential race? Yes, I understand she's made the point that Down Syndrome children should not be aborted. That still does not justify this detailed invasion of her personal sphere.

The only thing missing from this story is the video of the delivery. Coming next week: The New York Times' interviews Sarah Palin's gynecologist!

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