Sunday, September 7, 2008

I watched Palin debate...

...Some former governor named Tony Knowles and some guy named Andrew Halcro. It was the 2006 Alaska governor's debate on C-Span tonight. Questions focused on energy policy, wildlife and subsistence needs, rural schools, gas lines, contracts, infrastructure, gubernatorial power, and other rather dry, but critically important, topics to Alaska. Riveting stuff. Thoughts:
  • Palin is so much more intelligent, and nuanced, of an individual than the caricatures various media pundits have been thrusting on her.
  • She will hold her own against Biden. She's good in debates. Not flashy or outrageous. Not heavy on biography or attacks. Just competent, intelligent, tough, informed, and confident. Utterly unqualified? Hardly. Such comments are a complete joke.

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Grym said...

I watched that too and was very impressed. You will not see any of this type of stuff in the MSM. They will bury it while going to great lengths to find the Ms. Wasilla Pagent rules to find out how Gov. Palin cheated to win.... The left are desperate.