Monday, September 1, 2008

Washington Post: Can Palin handle it all - kids and job?

Story here.

The Post meekly camouflages its own opinion on the sexist subject of whether Sarah Palin is shortchanging her kids by running for Veep by reporting the back-and-forth comments of others and by saying that debate was raging in the blogosphere on the topic.

But the question is: Why did the Post think this was a question worth asking at all? Why the open question about whether Palin is shortchanging her kids by having a career? The implication is that Palin is doing something wrong by running for vice president with young kids - that her place is in the home.

Will the Post now ask the same questions of John McCain and Barack Obama? Frankly, why hasn't the Post written a similar story about Joe Biden's choices to not quit the Senate after he was widowed with young sons?

This is not a question EVER posed about men. Therein lies the sexism.

Daughter Bristol, 17, is pregnant and is going to get married, her parents announced yesterday. That news added fuel to an already heated debate on blogs and in the street about the appropriate balance between child-rearing and working -- and whether Palin can balance the extraordinary demands of both without shortchanging either.


Anonymous said...

I don't care if you are a working/stay-at-home, Christian/not or a Republican/Democrat mother. The fact is, no matter how well you raise your children and give them good values, etc., you have NO control over what they do as individuals. Anyone who says a teenage pregnancy is a reflection of any of these factors is fooling themselves or doesn't have children. I have 5 children who all all successful, productive adults. Some made a few mistakes and some haven't. That's life.

STLmom said...

Let's see...Odopey's wife had 2 kids and went right back to her high salary job. What's the difference? Since when is it an affront to civilization for a woman to work when she has small children? Are the FemiNazi's now suggesting that they stay home and bake cookies?

Anonymous said...

FDR had loads of kids and polio. I guess the democrats think he was not a good presidenc because how could he be with so many kids and a debilitating disease.

Hyphenated American said...

Recently, the media has started pushing the meme that Sarah Palin is a bad mother, since she is not staying at home taking care of her children. Well, color me unimpressed. Do you remember the Clinton family? It was claimed that both of them, papa Clinton and mama Clinton were running the American government. As Hillary once said - she will not be baking cookies. Or, as wasalso said - get two for the price of one. So, while both parents were busy, who exactly was raising their daughter? Was it Monica Lewinski? Alas, I never heard this question asked before. No one claimed that Clintons are bad parents because they chose a political career instead of taking care of their precious little daughter. So, why is Palin treated differently? Does it mean that media is sexist, or that it is liberal and it would do anything to help the unfortunate Mr.Obama?