Friday, September 5, 2008

Todd Palin, the great vanishing father

Anyone else notice how Todd Palin's contributions to his own family have been almost completely ignored by the news media, as they breathlessly question whether Sarah Palin should run for vice president because she has kids?

What about the First Dude? Isn't he helping raise the kids?

Why the complete devaluing of the father's role, as if he doesn't even exist in the family equation, as if his wife should, or does, do everything? It shows a pretty strong disrespect for fathers.


Anonymous said...

This is a whole different subject unless it's sexism against men. That they aren't really parents or can't parent. In a video I watched, even the First Dude himself referred to "mothering" rather than "parenting."

Sweating Through fog said...

I feel the same way. Many people seem to completely discount the idea that Todd may be more than able to fulfill a so-called "mothering" role. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that they have an infant. While many people will grudgingly acknowledge a fathers ability to care for small children, they are far more skeptical when it comes to an infant. There are deep gender biases here that very few people ever question.