Friday, September 5, 2008

Susan Reimer feels the heat

The Baltimore Sun columnist is getting some blowback for her Sarah Palin column.


George said...

Ms. Reimer was very kind to herself in her followup oped about Mrs. Palin. I think she would have been a little more truthful to mention that she said Mrs. Palin was 'utterly unqualified' and also the choice was 'insulting on so many levels'. And she only mentioned Mrs. Palin as the governor of Alaska, once, at the very beginning of her article. I would think being the governor of Alaska is a very good prerequisite for a presidential/vice-presidential candidate, considering that a majority of our presidents since Nixon have been governors.

Mrs. Palin has also been a mayor, albeit of a 'very small town'.

And Mrs. Palin has been very outspoken in matters regarding corruption, whether it be of a Republican or Democrat nature.

To her defense, Ms. Reimer said that to compare qualifications of Mrs. Palin to Mr. Obama's is a good point.

With that in mind, I've read that Mr. Obama was a community organizer (and told a mentor that he didn't think it was a very effective position) and that Mr. Obama's experience includes running for president (including the management and supervision of many staffers). I read that Mr. Obama smiled when he said that.

Many of us are laughing.

He also is a United States Senator, who has been running for president for the majority of the time he has been in the United States Senate.

Please keep in mind that Mr. Obama's qualifications are to be considered for the highest office in the land, the President of the United States.

Mrs. Palin is the vice-presidential candidate.

Ms. Reimer also noted that Mrs. Palin would be no match for Senator Biden in a debate.

Was that what the Republicans thought about Kennedy when he was to debate Nixon?

Ms. Reimer, in her followup piece, mentioned personal attacks and abusive language in response to her first article. I do believe that those kind of comments are despicable. However, not trying excuse this kind of action, I will say, reading mostly conservative/libertarian websites, that the left is quite vitriolic in some of their responses.

George said...
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George said...
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