Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stop the sexism, McCain campaign

I hate to say it, but I am starting to agree with the self-serving Campbell Brown. The McCain Campaign has GOT to free Sarah Palin. They are starting to REALLY tick me off. In order to treat her equally, this is what they need to do ASAP:
  • Let HER do the post-debate spinning on cable TV - not Rudy Giuliani. Why are they sending a man out there to do something that is typically the role of the VP? If they don't even express confidence in Palin, how can they expect her to feel confidence in herself?
  • Send her on SNL for a cameo next week. It would show that she's a good sport and that she considers the parody a harmless joke, and it would knock the socks off the critics.
  • Let her talk to the press - NOW. No limits. Let her take questions at every appearance. Part of the reason the Obama/Biden gaffes don't get as much attention is because those guys are out there so much, talking so much. I do think there's a major double standard in how the media are treating Obama/Biden gaffes, don't get me wrong. It's just that the McCain campaign is asking for gaffe-hype when they up the stakes for any one interview by making it such a rare thing. Furthermore, they need to start getting her USED to these interviews and the national interviewers' styles. It's human nature to feel a little uncomfortable in a new setting at first and then to loosen up as you do it more. Why would it be any different with Sarah Palin?
  • Take Obama's talking points. Remind people he voted for the Bridge to Nowhere, for example.
  • Have her dial up Kathleen Parker. Not to overstate Parker's importance, but send Palin into the lions' dens to demonstrate her fearlessness and strength.


goesh said...

The handlers knew MSM would attack her twice as hard as any of the men - it's called good management but then I'm not talking to Rosey the Riveter here - McCain is scripted too and managed so I don't know if you are suggesting women shouldn't follow a collective agenda in a campaign because the corollary is to suggest she is cloistered when last I heard, she drew 60K in a Fl. appearance. She is as active as Joe 'the man' Biden. She is doing more good on the street than she is being trolled by pundits via contrived interviews. I got a crisp $50 says she doesn't reference McCain much in the debate with MR. Biden but then most any woman should be able to hold her own with most any man, right? I don't understand the angst here when corporate women follow a much tighter script - seems almost a double standard at play here to me. The people attacking her body/vagina would attack her in the same manner if she was disfigured,except they would use the Crone word if she were and you know it.

Anonymous said...

I do get the impression the McCain camp has no idea how to handle this stuff. Let her go, let her be herself and America will accept her mistakes while admiring and respecting her. Let the press make fun, it just makes us protective (may not even be sexist, I feel protective of some men too when they are unfairly attacked). Of course, I could be wrong.

But I didn't care for the fact that she went back to K Couric and McCain went with her. Like she needed protection or help. I don't think so.

newt said...

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kat in your hat said...

I don't agree with all of your advice, but most of it is good. I don't think Palin should meet with any critical press. No point. No benefit. Palin just needs to act like "screw the media--I'm only about the people." Also, side note: I wish that McCain would actually toughen up. Get to fighting. It's October, let's GO.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with this post -- you have excellent advice for Sarah. Let's hope after she kicked some a$$ in the debate with Biden, the McCain campaign will feel freer to just let Sarah be Sarah.