Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Non-sexist reaction: Hillary

This could change, but thus far I have to offer praise for Hillary Clinton in the Sarah Palin matter. I wish she would become vocal in condemnation of the attacks against Palin, but her statement reacting to Palin's nomination and its historical nature (a point pretty much lost in the media coverage) was classy. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, she has thus far resisted the pressure to go AFTER Palin in sexist terms. In other words, she hasn't pulled a Maureen "She's an utterly unqualified cheerleader type" Dowd.

I am receiving some positive emails from Clinton supporters who are upset about the treatment of Palin. I think that's great.


Jadis said...

I agree - this is fantastic news!

Thank you so much for doing this blog - I'm spreading the word about it.

As an Alaskan, I hate the thought of losing Sarah, but I am also very excited for her AND for my state.

Ciccina said...

I wouldn't have expected any less from Hillary. She has real principles (unlike the MSM, the Dem leadership, and Team Obama). I don't think she can go further than she has because the Dems would probably try to literally roast her at the stake. She still has work she needs to do, and besides, no one in the media or Team Obama or the Dem leadership would take it seriously. They punished her for bringing up sexism when it was directed at her; they'd scoff at her for bringing it up now. They'd all probably just dismiss her as being "bitter."

You're doing great work and I will be spreading the word about it too. You probably know about the good work going on at reclusiveleftist.com in defense of Governor Palin, as well as some good work at the feminist blog Shakesville. There are several others as well that are blogrolled and linked at Reclusive Leftist, and I try to do my bit at my little blog, which has a readership of, like, 2 (mom, and me) - but hey, its something.

Please do keep up the great work.