Sunday, September 7, 2008

A British reporter gets the Palin makeover

It's not sexist for people to want to look like Sarah. Yes, the news media remains obsessed about her physical appearance. That could be seen as sexist. But it's not a bad thing if people want to look like her - right? It's a sign she's making a cultural impact, a societal impact. Some of this is flattery, as opposed to being a diminishing focus on physical beauty while ignoring professional/intellectual accomplishment. Oops - except so many in the media ARE ignoring her professional/intellectual accomplishment at the same time.

Still, men aren't running out to get Joe Biden makeovers.

Now, if only the media would stop describing her as "utterly unqualified" at the same time they fixate on her appearance.

Then, again, there was this paragraph:
The look Mrs Palin has perfected, offering the world a tantalising glimpse of her inner fox, is a winner. Her husband is the only one who gets the barracuda unleashed. Poor wholesome Todd had better not let the side down or Sarah'll get her gun.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. Why would anyone want to get made over to look like Sarah Palin? I'd rather she made herself over.

The hair makes her look frumpy and dowdy. Let's try something short and sporty to reflect her love of athletics and the outdoors.

She is also wearing terrible color choices that do not flatter her complexion. She loves pink, which is fatally unattractive to her natural coloring. She should be wearing rich autumn colors such as brown, copper, olive, and mustard. I'd like to see her in some brick red lipstick with matching blush and coffee-colored eyeliner. She'd look so fabulous the men would be rioting in the streets.