Monday, September 1, 2008

Beauty queen shot

Why are media outlets repeatedly running a bare-shouldered beauty queen shot of Sarah Palin from 24 years ago alongside serious news stories?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was one newspaper that ran the beauty queen shot in a story announcing Palin was McCain's choice for VP.

I guess I get why it's in Us Magazine. But the others?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is because they are jealous that she is a very beautiful woman! Certainly more attractive that Hillary or Michelle Obama!

Anonymous said...


Obama choses a paunchy old eastern liberal to try to shore up the "white male" vote.

McCain, an old western Republican choses a conservative woman of stunning beauty to try to shore up the "hocky mom" vote.

Am I the only one who thinks the opposite will be achieved by both men?

STLmom said...

Sarah Palin is drop-dead gorgeous and it's driving the Lib's absolutely crazy. I want to see some photos of 'ol Joe from 24 years ago when there weren't any hairplugs.

Anonymous said...

John McCain was very good looking in his youth too... perhaps the campaign should follow their lead and use this photo of Palin and Johns early photos

Ron Ray said...

Heck, I was listening to Limbaugh this morning and I lost count of the times he referred to her as attractive or beautiful. It was always "attractive, smart" or "attractive, hard working," with looks first.

fact is, she may get the white male vote to some extent, but women don't vote just based on dna. she is the antiHillary on most of her positions and will not get the hillary vote.

Indigo Red said...

Perhaps because it seems to be in a beauty queen's DNA to want world peace.