Friday, September 5, 2008

Houston Chronicle letter writer: "A Woman's Place"

Unbelievable. It seems like the vast majority of this stuff is coming from women. And then there's this one called A Woman's Place in the Houston Chronicle.

Actually, I was wrong. Here's an arguably just as bad letter from a man in a Tennessee newspaper. The letter is entitled: Bristol Palin, That Ain't the Way to Treat Your Daughter

Food for thought: Would major newspapers run blatantly racist letters to the editor about Barack Obama?


BeckyJ said...

Mean girls syndrome.

Most of the women writing are likely Dems or left-leaning independents. They don't want a REPUBLICAN woman making the gains they have fought for. It was supposed to be a Democrat! (This attitude, of course, is not acknowledged as the base, many other reasons are given).

If you've ever spent a good amount of time with groups of women, you know that the in-fighting and backstabbing is horrendous. God help the one woman in a group who gets ahead. The group will attempt to drag her back down to stay with the rest of them. This is why I fought like crazy to avoid an all-girl high school that my parents felt would provide an excellent education. Given my friend's experiences, I was right to stay in public school.

Anonymous said...

Good point. It is the public which refused to accept, condemned and eliminated the vast majority of overt racism. The public should scorn equally genuine sexism such as this.

Anonymous said...

Palin's absurdity has nothing to do with her gender. He husband is an idiot too.

McCain was dumb enough to nominate her. Does disdain for that guy make me sexist?

Clinton or Pelosi or Michelle Obama could whup her in any sort of political or philosophic conversation.

Palin's financial/ethical failings alone should have eliminated her... McCain's handlers knew about them...was it sexism that prevented them from pulling the plug?