Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another young journalist gets it

I wonder if there is a generational divide in how female newspaper columnists perceive the Mommy issue, with younger women not seeing this as a relevant issue?

April Warren in the Stony Brook University Statesman asks a lot of good questions.

And as Mark Milke writes in the Calgary Herald:

What's curious is not the criticism of Palin but how acid-tipped it is, along with where much of it originates: from older feminists now angry at a woman with different views on many issues but who anyway succeeded at winning office -- a governorship and perhaps the number two job in the United States come November.

Memo to younger conservative women who want to succeed in politics: Don't worry about the old boys' club. They're milk-drinking pussycats. It's the fired-up tigers in the old girls' club with whom you'll have to battle.


Anonymous said...

the fact that the gop's are complaining about all the "sexist" remarks towards palin, is nothing more than playing the "sex card." woman or man--sarah palin is NOT qualified!!! she is only looking out for her own agenda--her way or the highway. she willingly entered this race; now she must live with the media! the other candidates do! it's ironic how all the right-wings have all the sudden cared about sexism against women. nobody seemed to when hillary was running. and, hillary's command of domestic and foreign policy, experience, and qualifications puts palins to shame! barack the vote!!!

femB4dem said...

Note to Anonymous -- "Hillary's command of domestic and foreign policy, experience, and qualifications" also put "Obama's to shame." So you need to ask yourself, why you voted for Obama in the first place. (I can tell that you did, only a Kool-Aid drinker would say something as vapid as "Barack the Vote").

On the age/generational thing, I don't think that's it. As you can see from Anaonymous' comment, much of the youth vote is totally for Obama, including young women. I see this as more of an inside-Washington versus outside-Washington feminist thing. Those of us who live in the real world recognize Palin as a real person, not as a cookie-cutter conservative boogey-woman as the insider old-syle (and new-style) feminists would have it. Much of this is also an urban/rural thing, and an anti-Western thing. No, it's not as easy as age. This is much more than that, and I think figuring the complexity out could be very important going forward.