Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Amniotic fluid and paternity tests

McCain's campaign adviser Steve Schmidt asserts:
I’ve been asked questions that are outrageous by the national media. I’ve been asked questions about when her amniotic fluid started to leak with regard to her last birth. I was asked whether we would make the genetic tests available because she had a Down’s Syndrome child. Members of this campaign went to off-the-record lunches with reporters today, and they were asked if she would do paternity tests to prove paternity for her last child.

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David said...

Wait a minute. Her water breaks before giving a speech in Dallas. She's carrying her 5th baby. Her decision/JUDGMENT to leave Dallas, board a plane for Alasksa (that stopped in Seattle) and then lands in Anchorage. She then goes to a smaller regional hospital. This decision to travel for hours with ruptured membranes was dangerous and reckless IRRESPECTIVE of the implication that it is a made up story to conceal her daughter's pregnancy. Seriously. Can you cannot imagine any other woman doing this?