Friday, September 12, 2008

Amanda Marcotte: McCain campaign treating Palin like its "consort"

She writes in the LA Times:
But she's being sheltered as if she were the idealized naive housewife. The campaign's first photo of her gave the impression that she'd be another lady taking tea in the White House. Then there's the careful shielding of Palin from media inquiries, as if she's a delicate flower. We shouldn't condemn Chris Matthews for describing her campaign as a mix between "a vice president and first lady"; we should ask why the McCain campaign is so sexist as to handle her this way.
I agree with her essential point. I think the McCain camp should stop shielding Palin. It's true, as the Gibson interview proved, that some in the media won't interview her fairly and that they are simply looking for gotcha moments. Well, get used to it. That's what happens when conservatives seek political office. I say, put her out there. She can handle herself.

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Jeremy Pierce said...

Obama actually does the same thing, though. He'll only talk to general media people who don't follow him around and know all the difficult questions to ask. The Obama press corps never gets to talk to him, and they're pretty upset about it.

See here for more information.