Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Sarah Palin: All-American Cheerleader"

It was that come hither wink. Twice. It was the lowered voice.

It was the seduction of speaking directly to the camera audience, as if there was no one else in each living room of America, as if it were just her and the - presumably male or complicit female- viewer, while ignoring the debate questions, Joe Biden, Gwen Ifill, and everything else. Her less than subtle message was "you want me," and not in a charismatic political leader, vote-for-me sort of way. She was delivering a direct come-on to the audience....

With Palin, the wink had quite a different connotation.

That wink is at the heart of her campaign. The wink is all about sex, which is what made it all the more jarring in the context of the national debate. It was the wink of a bikini-clad model selling a car and a dodgy bill of goods. It was the wink of a temptress offering a promise that will never be kept. It was the wink of the all-American cheerleader knowing why every male, and not a few females, are interested in her short skirt, and determined to milk it for all it's worth.

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